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When harmony leaves,

ease departs with heavy a step,

waking spine and spirit,

stirring up hope in its deep hollows.

On stony path they learn to know,

together they seek their home and merit.

Wisdom creeps behind their lot,

so none can glean a glimpse,

but hope perceives its form.

At last they gain their long sought aim.

Hope sees it first, Wisdom discerns,

Spine gains upon, and Spirit greets.

When harmony returns, it rekindles comfort

and lights up Joy.


Imagine a Forest

 Imagine a forest.

Imagine it being solitary.

Solitary is good.

Good for a forest.


Imagine your bare feet,

moving over damp decay.


It smells musty.

It feels rural.

It’s cool.


Imagine a forest.

A forest is always brown.

Brown is good.

It’s powerful.

Imagine brown being warm and raw and home.


Imagine a tree.

Its wild.

Its deep.

You hear it.








Trees are the drums of nature.

Imagine there’s a rhythm.

It’s a tangled, chuckling music.



You are alone.

We are brown.





Imagine two screaming creatures.


Imagine two beings gloating.

They grip, they grapple.

They grope and grasp.

They scald and shuffle.

They snarl and growl.



They are bent and twisted.

They are turned and folded.

They rip the air.

They tear to tear.

Leave naught behind.


one small seed,

surrounded by destruction.


Imagine a forest.





Fellow spirits, thanks for visiting my blog!

I’m a budding writer and artist…practising, scribbling, sketching and learning as much as I can, ignoring schools toll on my free time.

I love walking outside in the wild forests surrounding my home. I’ll cross a foxes path or disturb a badger family’s leisurely evening stroll and get a flash of new ideas in my head. I love cycling in the hills, you get breathtaking views. That is how I get my inspiration for writing. I like physical exercise and fresh air to sort through my thoughts and calm my mind. I don’t go for walks enough by far.

Afterwards, I often feel a compulsory need to put my ideas to the pen. I love my runaway imagination, but sometimes it is very headstrong and needs to be brought to order. Also, I often have to fight against periods of crushing apathy, born I am sure, out of my addiction of the screen.

This page is here to help me get a better understanding of quality. And you are going to be my primary source of wisdom! I need objective, constructive critique, so I implore you to leave your impressions as comments below.

Just remember that I have had no writers education as such. I read a lot and have learned about it a bit in school.

Furthermore, my mother tongue is german. But I am absolutely fluent in english (my father is Scottish) and swissgerman (where I grew up). I’m even semi-fluent in french, but I don’t really feel brave enough to try out my writing skills in a foreign language. I have a feeling that that would end in disaster and I generally try to evade offending people’s taste…

I’m going to post all my creations here. They will range from Poems, to impressions of an interesting experience,to stories or articles of political/religious/existential nature….As you can see I’m going to be trying my best in a broad spectrum of styles. All I need you to do is comment and spread my word around, giving me feedback and a broader audience.

I thank you for your time and energy.



Scribbling Spirit

Ps.: Don’t believe in truths!